Empowering youth to be the best version of themselves!

“What an awesome experience! I’ve been in education for more than 20 years and I have not seen a more positive program.” — Principal Steve Gough, Comstock Park High School

L.A. Stewart Presentations has a heart and passion for young people.

Since 1984, we have been committed to developing confident, respectful leaders who powerfully and positively impact their world. We are also passionate about equipping schools to create a unified culture where, despite disagreement, everyone is respected…a culture where everyone encourages and helps each other to be their very best. We believe that when students strengthen and build one another up they create an environment of hope where they can reach their individual and collective potential.

Praised for relevance and impact on teen and adult audiences alike, L.A. Stewart energetically captures attention through active audience participation, life-changing stories, music, drama, and discussion.

Our intense messages of respect for self and others unleash lives, where nothing is impossible…

We impact youth and change lives through:

  • Keynotes and workshops for conventions, retreats, gifted & talented programs and university programs
  • In-depth student council and student leadership training
  • Youth and community leadership conferences
  • Interactive student assemblies
  • Staff development programs and parent talks
  • Brainstorming and discussion sessions
  • School / community climate consultations and programs

Speakers that Captivate

Energetically capturing attention through active audience participation, life-changing stories, music, drama and discussion.

Laurie Stewart


Pam Harger

M. Ed.

Jim Heeres

Staff Development Trainer

Mike Benson


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