We love working with young people and the results speak for themselves...

I have worked with Laurie five times during my career. In each case I have seen her change participants’ lives through her moving and thought-provoking messages. Laurie certainly speaks to their hearts! She reinforces how we need to work with one another, to take care of each other, and to build each other up through positive interactions. Laurie’s energy is contagious and participants follow her lead without even knowing they have become fully engaged. I can’t wait until the next time we work together!

Dale L. Moore, Ed.D.

Principal / CTE Director / CEPD Director
Lapeer County Ed-Tech Center, Attica, MI

Laurie Stewart’s “Igniting Our Passion To Serve” presentation was exactly what our staff needed. As an educational company servicing at-risk students, our teachers, success coaches, and advocates deal with difficult situations on a daily basis. Our success stories are precious, but few and far between. Laurie’s positivity, passion, energy, and faith energized our staff to improve our school’s culture. Her lessons on combating stress, supporting each other, and focusing on our purpose of serving our students inspired us all. L.A. Stewart Presentations left a lasting impact on our staff and we look forward to having Laurie back in the future to speak at our Alternative Education Centers.

Danielle Yanssens

Program Developer for Continuous Improvement
Back On Track Education

Laurie Stewart is amazing! Students and community members across our district have reached out to me to talk about the impact her work has had on their lives. She approached climate and culture issues from a strength based perspective. Our students have been supported and forever changed by her work at Bronson Community Schools.

Teresa Belote

St. Joseph Intermediate School District, St. Joseph, Michigan, previously at Bronson Community Schools, Bronson, Michigan

If you’re committed to bringing about positive change in your school’s climate, in my opinion, there is no one better than L.A. Stewart Presentations…. Laurie Stewart helps you set up a system that will empower your students to become effective agents for change in your school and community. The program’s result is always the same — a heart-felt desire on the part of the students to create an atmosphere where each student is cared about and respected.

Tom Creighton

Armitage Academy, Kenosha, Wisconsin

What an awesome experience! I’ve been in education for more than 20 years and I have not seen a more positive program. Laurie worked with our students from the start to organize this event on a very tight schedule. Her willingness to collaborate with our students prior to the assembly ensured a focus on real student needs and, as a result, tremendous student engagement! This was, however, much more than an assembly as Laurie preplanned with students and staff and also provided classroom extension activities that allowed our staff to continue the program after the assembly was complete.

We had 700 students completely engaged for more than three hours! They listened, they got involved and they heard the positive message about caring for each other. Before the program, the staff expressed concern about having 700 students in the gym for three hours. After the program, the staff and students all said we could have stayed all day! Our students and staff are now excited about Making it Cool to be Kind at CPHS and are already planning to continue the effort next year. Thank you for sharing your positive message and expertise with our community!

I would recommend Laurie in general as a speaker and this specific program without hesitation to anyone who is interested in promoting or creating a positive culture in their organization. The message that Laurie very effectively delivered to our students and staff has resulted in a stronger feel of community and a sense that we are all responsible for each other. We achieved everything that we hoped to achieve and more.

Steve Gough

Comstock Park, Michigan

It was a privilege to have Laurie work with our students on multiple occasions. She used the feedback from the students and staff to create an assembly and program that was unique to our school.  During the assembly, Laurie shared her passion, energy, and compassion with our students that created a powerful event. The MIC2BK program is still going strong in our school and is driven by our students on a daily basis.

Brice Stewart

Maroa Forsyth High School, Maroa, IL

Molly Stabler

Teacher, Thornapple Kellogg High School, Middleville, MI

I have heard Laurie speak many times. She is truly amazing! In thirty years in education I have never heard a speaker who could hold the attention of high school students for three hours and then have those students beg for more — every single time! She has the unique ability to connect with students in such a way that motivates them into action — making positive changes to show respect and dignity to each other. Her three step approach includes a pre-presentation meeting and a post-presentation workshop with students to develop ownership in the program and build leadership to continue reminding everyone after the presentation of the importance of treating others with respect Students do not forget her message. In fact, I received the recommendation to bring her to our school from a student who had listened to her speak somewhere else! If you need a recommendation before bringing Laurie to your school, please feel free to contact me.

Patti Weller

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Garrett-Keyser-Butler Schools, Garrett, Indiana

It has been a blessing to have Laurie Stewart interact with our students on four different occasions. I have been in education for over 40 years and Laurie is truly the best speaker we have ever witnessed. Her depth of spirit, compassionate understanding and dedication to young people is a special gift to all who are part of her audience. She has an uncanny ability to reach beyond the surface and help students take a very close look at who they are and where their journey is taking them. Her presentation will challenge them, “shake them up” and then gently set them down again. We cherish our relationship with Laurie and are deeply touched by her ministry to young people everywhere. Laurie will always be welcomed at Notre Dame Academy!

Judy Cousino

Dean of Students
Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, Ohio

Our Michigan Rotary District 6290 Life Leadership Conference has very successfully worked with Laurie for over 25 years to help us annually prepare 140+ student leaders to go out and serve and make a big difference in the world. She has the skills to communicate very effectively her messages of respect for yourself and others that resonate so well with our youth leaders. She is our main keynote speaker who “brings it all to the table” for helping our conferees see their potential in the world of leadership. We are blessed, indeed, to be able to work with Laurie to positively impact our student audience and further our conference mission.

John Noling

Chair, Life Leadership Conference
Rotary District 6290, Tustin, Michigan

I strongly recommend professional speaker Laurie Stewart. I have worked with teenagers for over two decades in a high school setting. Every few years we bring in an expert or motivational speaker to talk to the staff and kids. I have seen many professional speakers over the years. None of them can hold a candle to Laurie Stewart. I’ve seen her take a gymnasium full of 1,200 kids and have their full attention for three hours. She has been to our school three or four times in the last 20 years. We keep bringing her back because she is so effective and our kids love her. What sets her apart from other people is that she takes the time to get to know your school before she comes and stays in touch with staff and students well after her visit. Her small group follow-ups are tremendously popular. Any school would be remiss if they didn’t seriously consider bringing Laurie Stewart to help. Please feel free to contact me for further communication on Laurie’s strengths.

Todd Oatley

Assistant Principal
Greenville High School, Michigan

Laurie Stewart put the SWAG back in Central Montcalm. The atmosphere and attitude completely changed after she came in. I always knew a school’s culture could change, and I saw it happen right before my eyes. After seeing this, I know anything is possible.

Note: Kristi shared the above comment as Superintendent at Central Montcalm Public Schools in Stanton, Michigan. When she moved to St. Louis Schools, she invited us to bring our Making It Cool To Be Kind program there. Here’s what she had to say after that program:

You have done GREAT things for kids and for our district (both districts I have been in)!!

Kristi Teall

St. Louis Schools, St. Louis, MI

PHHS Convocation Student Testimonials

Prairie Heights High School, LaGrange, Indiana

Montcalm County Student Testimonials

Montcalm County, Michigan

Your enthusiastic presentation on self-esteem and self-respect were so well received. I have also heard so many favorable comments from the community, our students, and staff noting your timely message and effective presentation skills.

Robert duBois

Lakeview High School, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Laurie has presented at Big Rapids High School multiple times and is always received exceptionally well. We continually get multiple requests, by students and staff, to have Laurie back at our school. It is obvious, based on comments and observations, that Laurie’s presentation has changed the lives of many and the climate of our building.
Because of the overwhelming response to Laurie at the high school, we recommended the district bring her in as the keynote speaker to kick-off the school year for all Big Rapids Public School employees. In Laurie’s presentation, “Igniting Your Professional Passion!” she was able to motivate and inspire our teachers and staff to begin the year with a positive attitude and a desire to try to reach each child.

…Laurie expressed the importance of the teachers and staff taking care of themselves and each other. She was instrumental in a great start to the school year for Big Rapids Public Schools. Administrators, teachers, and staff left Laurie’s session inspired and excited to begin the year and determined to try to make connections with all the students.

Laurie’s expertise in leadership, respect, school climate, human relations, and communication skills are cornerstones for an effective learning community. She is able to connect in a way that allows each individual to reflect on what he or she is doing and makes them want to do better. Laurie’s passion for working with students and educators is clear and unmatched by any other presenter.

Tim Haist

Big Rapids High School, Big Rapids, Michigan

The day of the conference, Laurie exceeded any expectations we could have had. Her ability to engage each student, respect each student, and honor the differences in each student had a group of 185 7th – 12th graders sharing, taking risks, celebrating themselves and others and motivated to go into their world as kinder, more respectful people. The impact Laurie made is still being felt among those who planned and those who attended the conference.  Students have recognized their ability to change the environment at home and at school through the simplicity of kindness.

As an adult leader I am particularly touched by Laurie’s ability to allow students to direct the course of her work. She listens to these young people, eager to hear their observations and wisdom and weaves her knowledge with their ideas. It is very obvious that Laurie thrives on her work with young people. Her skills as a facilitator have been keenly tuned and are evident at the end of the day when each young person stands in line to thank her for her presence.

Theresa Bray

Allegan County Community Foundation, Michigan

Call it a phenomenon. That is exactly what it was. Something happened to the student body which made a great difference. It was public speaker, Laurie Stewart. For over three hours, Laurie held the undivided attention of students and faculty. The students even willingly gave up their lunch time to continue the assembly.

Pam Merritt

Hernando High School, Mississippi

I highly recommend Laurie Stewart as a very positive motivator and thought- starter to recharge your staff and to enhance total team effort in a positive, challenged direction. Her material is adapted to the target needs of your market and she does effective research to cater to your group.

Larry Larsen

Operations Consultant
McDonald's Corporation

Racial tensions have been eliminated, conflicts among students and staff have been sharply reduced, and individual self-worth has been enhanced….
The message you brought to our school, as well as the character you consistently demonstrate, has infused our students with a renewed enthusiasm to create a better community…. We have had no other speaker and workshop leader who has had the impact that you have.
In our school, students have become inspired to embrace fundamental values such as concern for others, taking care of themselves, and being willing to show appreciation toward their teachers.
Laurie’s visits have resulted in immediate and long-lasting improvements in our school climate. After Laurie’s program, our school has been able to address issues with individual students that resulted in dramatic positive improvement which otherwise would not have occurred.

William Morgan

Wilson High School, West Lawn, Pennsylvania

Thanks so much for another superb job! The student and teacher evaluations of your keynote are glowing and deservedly so. I am especially grateful for your graciousness in making yourself available to students after the opening session. Your warmth and concern for these young people is evident and means a great deal to them.

Julie Lyman

Missouri DECA State Advisor

Laurie’s program is very successful in it’s mission to impact youth and change lives. On behalf of those youth, I would just like to say thank you for investing so much effort into our generation. When I heard Laurie speak, her unique vigor and obvious passion on the topic really captured my interest – as I’m sure it has done for countless students. Causing youth to slow down and recognize the potential for positive change that lies in their hands is not an easy task, yet she recognizes the importance of this cause. Laurie has clearly been blessed with a gift and it is truly inspiring to see someone dedicate their life to utilizing their talents to inspire change.

Bridget Murphy

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

I would like to thank you a million times over for coming to my high school. You had a ginormus (gy-nor-mus) impact on the attitudes of many of my classmates and me…. Although you could use words to change the attitudes of my classmates, I cannot find the right words to express my utmost gratitude towards you and what you do.

Brandon Corder

Whitehall High School, Michigan

Thank you for the excellent presentation you gave for our school. The students are still raving about it! They keep commenting on the fact that you kept them pumped, motivated, interested, and energized the whole four hours. Lots of students experienced some life-changing moments and are now more outgoing, more involved, and more people-oriented than before, thanks to you!

Kathy Jue

DECA Advisor
Casa Grande, Arizona

Laurie, you are the best and most impacting speaker I’ve ever heard. Your spirit amazed me!

Kayse Sondreal

Worthwood High School, North Dakota

What makes this presentation stand out is the ability to reach each and every student, regardless of their background, experiences or interests.
From the very first moment of Laurie’s presentation at BRHS, the audience was completely captivated. Laurie’s program is clearly more than just words. She truly cares and is committed to helping students respect one another and themselves.

Jessica Haist

Big Rapids High School, Big Rapids, Michigan

I cannot think of my youth without remembering your influence on my life. Your presentation had a profound impact on my life…. The duration of your talk and the time you spent with us after still stays with me to this day — some 18 years later.

There is not a month that goes by that I don’t think how that weekend and your presentation/role in it served as a ‘springboard’ to equip the young people in that room — to be more than we thought we could; to master difficulties and capture the windows of opportunity that come along in our life.

It’s great to see that you are still changing young people’s lives. I know criticism flows freely these days in the rough and tough world. Therefore, I just thought I would drop you a line and say thank you for being you; and that you do make a profound difference at a pivotal time in young people’s lives.

Remember, what might be a difficult day for you at work, might just be a day that some young boy or girl will remember for the next 18 years. I did.

Randall Thompson

President & CEO
Integration Strategies, LLC

I think all went marvelously well. The message and the vivaciousness that you have has touched each and every one. I’ve had many comments and phone calls — you were a hit!

Phyllis Enderlin

Youth & Campus Director
Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas

Laurie Stewart’s student leadership training grade is a definite A+!!

Rob Olsen

Sturgis School District, Michigan

The students felt your program was excellent. Thanks for making the students feel that they are special. Their self-esteem seemed to rise before my eyes!

Vicki Neuharth

FCCLA State Director
North Dakota

I have never witnessed such an event in all my years at Northview Public Schools…. You reached out and touched the hearts and souls of the students and staff. The positive impact…stirred all present to reach out in a caring and connective way to make a difference in themselves and the lives of others.

In the weeks following your departure, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of students reaching out to their peers and going to a trusted adult to seek help for the people they care about. We saw an increase in students taking a stand when they observed their classmates not being treated with respect and dignity by others.

I have been telling all who will listen, ‘If you decide to have Laurie Stewart come to your school, it will truly be an event your staff and students will not soon forget.

Daniel Matthews Jr.

Assistant Principal
Northview High School, Grand Rapids, Michigan

We were astonished with the complete success of the program…. She receives my highest recommendation and the sound endorsement of the Saugatuck High School students and faculty.

Tim Wood

Saugatuck Public Schools, Michigan

Your presentation at the State Leadership Conference was awesome! I especially appreciated your willingness to step out of your box to meet my challenge. Your positive attitude combined with your message and genuine love for students made a lasting impression on your audience… It is very apparent that you truly care about students as you helped each of them gain an ‘I can’ attitude. Thanks again for all you do for kids!

Shirlee Kyle

Director, DECA High School Division
Reston, Virginia

I would like to offer you our sincere thanks for the wonderful presentation at the Indiana 4-H Congress! Attitude Check: Being Real, Being Respectful, Being YOU!” was a definite success!

The manner in which you included the youth in the presentation throughout the day with your personable, conversational style made them relate exceptionally well to the stories that you shared. Your discussion and follow-up questions then allowed the youth to apply the principles to their lives.

Watching the youth interact with you during breaks, at lunch, and after the conclusion of your program confirmed the impact that you had made on them throughout the day. And, the tremendously positive evaluations that they completed for your presentation further illustrated the success of the program that you delivered to our youth. …

Thank you again for a great day!

Steve McKinley

4-H Extension Specialist, Leadership/Volunteerism
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Laurie absolutely motivated and inspired our delegates to do their best and make a difference. Because of her involvement in this training, we received the highest evaluations we have had in the past 5 years!

Sharon Pierce

State Advisor

Laurie has such an amazing message to share with our youth. I am always in awe of her ability to connect with our student body. I have watched Laurie on four separate occasions and every time I am overwhelmed by the impact she makes!

Kristen Maksimchuk

Prairie Heights High School, LaGrange, Indiana

It is still beyond my comprehension how you were able to keep the entire student body’s attention for three and one-half hours while sitting in bleachers. However, this was done by you with absolutely no complaints from anyone. Your sincere concern, unlimited energy, fantastic rapport, and use of experiential stories provided the ultimate key to your successful presentation. Due to touching the lives of so many of our students in such a positive way, we are inviting you back.

Peggy Frierson

Safe & Drug Free Coordinator/ Vocational Counselor 
Forrest County School District, Mississippi

Laurie sparked a fire in our student body. School pride has soared since the assembly. We are grateful for the work Laurie is doing with our students here at Central Montcalm High School and all across Montcalm County.

Note: When Tony Petersen moved to Thornapple Kellogg High School, he brought Laurie there for a complete MIC2BK program and a Connect Effect Conference.

Tony Petersen

Thornapple Kellogg High School, Middleville, Michigan previously at Central Montcalm High School, Stanton, Michigan

As always, you were magnificent at the Life Leadership Conference. Your presentation is what ties everything together for us and you never fail to deliver. My sincere thanks for another great job. We can’t do the conference without you!

Chuck Bell

Program Director
Rotary Life Leadership

I’m currently taking time to reflect on the assembly we had today at our school. I see it as more than just an antibully assembly but as a new perspective on life. We don’t think of the perspectives of others and what they may be going through. Our speaker was amazing and if there is anything I know I’ll take away from her it’s these things:
1. Wake up CHOOSING to be positive
2. Think thankful thoughts
3. Appreciate others
4. Let’s make it cool 2 be kind
 #mic2bk #loveeveryone #love

Jasmine Morgan


Laurie Stewart had the students laughing, crying, singing, dancing, and just PARTICIPATING! The assembly had a time slot of three hours and many wondered how Laurie Stewart would ever fill it with enough ‘stuff’ to keep it interesting. But, the problem didn’t come in that. In fact, the students, myself included, didn’t really want the assembly to end.

We’ve never had a speaker who was able to captivate the audience, keep their attention, and make them participate willingly for the entire assembly. Not only that, but for once we all were accepting, understanding, and didn’t care what the person sitting next to us, or the one fifteen seats back thought. We were ourselves; we were real.

The camaraderie that presented itself was really amazing. Laurie Stewart was able to bring out a side in all of us that wasn’t afraid to be an individual; wasn’t afraid to stick up for its own morals and values; and wasn’t afraid to defend the unpopular kid who would normally be looked over. The emotions were high when the auditorium started to clear out almost four hours later, but there was still a sense of awe that filtered through the school. The entire effect was positive!

Stephanie Patka

LaGrange County, Indiana

It is hard to imagine that we will ever have another speaker that can have the impact that you have had. We thank you for sharing your life with us. We welcome you back anytime!

Jan Akins

Boyd-Buchanan Christian High School, Chattanooga, TN

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