The Connect Effect Conference

Plugging the Energy of Youth into the Needs of Community

The Connect Effect Conference

Plugging the Energy of Youth into the Needs of Community

This new life-changing conference empowers teens to learn leadership skills, make viable connections with community leaders, and then immediately put these skills and connections to use serving others. Your entire community will be impacted as teens directly partner with community-based organizations to develop and implement service projects.

What Can The Connect Effect Conference Do For You?

  • Develops leadership in a broad range of young people
  • Helps teens to discover their own unique ability and passion to serve
  • Trains young people to confidently influence friends, peers, and communities
  • Cultivates a commitment to community service and leadership
  • Creates sustainable relationships between teens and their communities

How Does It Work?

Enpowering Teens to learn leadership skills

The Connect Effect Conference is planned, organized, and carried out by L.A. Stewart and can be implemented countywide, throughout a school district, or even by an individual school.

The Four-Session Program Includes:

Connect Effect Preparation Event

We invite community-based organizations to come together for event training.

(1 to 4 weeks before conference)

First Conference Day

Through fun, intense, and interactive activities, teens learn new ways to build their confidence and leadership skills.

Second Conference Day

After an organizational fair, a student panel, and team-building activities, teens team up with adult leaders to plan community service projects.

Connect Effect Follow-Up Event

At this community-wide celebration, teens present their completed projects. This provides further networking opportunities.

(2 months after conference)

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