Tony Peterson

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Laurie sparked a fire in our student body. School pride has soared since the assembly. We are grateful for the work Laurie is doing with our students here at Central Montcalm High School and all across Montcalm County.

Sharon Pierce

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Laurie absolutely motivated and inspired our delegates to do their best and make a difference. Because of her involvement in this training, we received the highest evaluations we have had in the past 5 years!

Tim Wood

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We were astonished with the complete success of the program…. She receives my highest recommendation and the sound endorsement of the Saugatuck High School students and faculty.

Making It Cool To Be Kind Staff Development Program

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. 2 Events: Small Group Facilitation Defining the current culture Clarifying the current culture Preparing for full staff meeting Full Staff Meeting Casting the vision of MIC2BK as a means to achieving the desired culture Content will be customized based on data and results produced through prior facilitation